Syzygium – Eugenia

Eugenia paniculata, Syzygium paniculatum, or Eugenia myrtifolia

I got my plant earlier this year after long searching in the nurseries. While I see it in the gardens, it is not common in the nurseries. And now I know why – little psyllid Trioza eugeniae. There is a natural control – a parasitic wasp (Tamarixia spp.), however, this wasp doesn’t survive the winters around Bay Area and is only helpful in Southern California.

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Cattleya hybrids from Hawai

San Francisco orchid show is the biggest orchid event of the year. I have visited it for the first time this year and it really surpassed all my expectations.

I have bought number of plants and among other also three little bags of invitro seedlings of new cattleya hybrids:

t-4993-2-5_20pot t-4888flask t-4959
 T-4993 Blc. Toshie Aoki ‘Encore  T-4888 Blc. Rustic Spots  ‘H & R’ T-4959 Lc. Mini Song ‘Petite’ AM/AOS

There were five little plants in each bag. To my surprise, they survive perfectly the transplant and do very well even 5 months after. I will have soon several plants for exchange 🙂