Spicy Zee Nectaplum

An interspecific hybrid of nectarine, peach, and plum. Planted in February 2016, transplanted in February 2017. Citation hybrid rootstock. The growth quite vigorous in 2016 (about 8 fruits). Summer pruning was done in 2016. Root system quite extensive during transplanting. Wonderful dark red foliage.

More info: http://www.davewilson.com/product-information/product/spice-zee-nectaplum-interspecific-nectarine




Stone fruits

Last year I have got 7 stone fruit trees:

  • ‘Katy’ apricot [Dave Wilson Nursery] on ‘Citation’ hybrid rootstock
  • peach (multi-graft – 4 in 1) on ‘Nemaguard Peach’ rootstock
  • Spice Zee Nectaplum Interspecific [Dave Wilson Nursery] on ‘Citation’ hybrid rootstock
  • pluot (multi-graft – 4 in 1) on ‘Citation’ hybrid rootstock
  • sugar prune [Dave Wilson Nursery] on ‘Citation’ hybrid rootstock
  • 2 trees of cherries

I have planted them (mid-February 2016) pretty close to each other (4 ft) as I plan to form kind of a hedgerow. However, later I have decided to me the hedgerow bit closer to the house – transplanting (immediately followed by pruning) happened on February 12, 2017. Sugar prune was simple to move – it’s root system didn’t grow very much. But other four trees were really hard and although we tried our best, some major roots had to be significantly cut and got a bit damaged.

Surprisingly, cherries were less complicated (maybe because the soil in the place where they were planted was quite shallow).

Apricot started to flower just a few days later, as well as one of the peach grafts. I have sprayed all trees with copper on February 18th (to prevent leaf curl).