I bought one huckleberry bush in April¬†or May 2017 from East Bay Nursery. Although it was planted to the same soil mixture for acid-loving plants, and all the other blueberry bushes are doing perfectly well, Huckleberry isn’t very happy. Throughout 2017 it was growing new branches, but always when new branch grew, one old one dried. I harvested few rather small fruits, which were tasty. At this moment (February 2018) it has only a few very short branches close to the ground.




I have bought my two cherry trees in East Bay nursery in spring 2016. They have spent a year ina temporary place in the garden and were transplanted to their permanent place in spring (February) 2017. They seem to be ok with my heavy clay soil and partially shaded position (shaded by the house) and grew vigorously in 2017. As all trees in my garden, they are irrigated through drip irrigation with a mixture of rainfall water and greywater.

the two varieties are: Royal Lee Cherry

We have harvested few fruits of Royal Lee Cherry in summer 2017 and they were delicious! Hope to get more in 2018 ūüôā

Minnie Royal Cherry

Syzygium – Eugenia

Eugenia paniculata, Syzygium paniculatum, or Eugenia myrtifolia

I got my plant earlier this year after long searching in the nurseries. While I see it in the gardens, it is not common in the nurseries. And now I know why – little psyllid¬†Trioza eugeniae. There is a natural control – a parasitic¬†wasp¬†(Tamarixia spp.), however, this wasp doesn’t survive the winters around Bay Area and is only helpful in Southern California.

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Spicy Zee Nectaplum

An interspecific hybrid of nectarine, peach, and plum. Planted in February 2016, transplanted in February 2017. Citation hybrid rootstock. The growth quite vigorous in 2016 (about 8 fruits). Summer pruning was done in 2016. Root system quite extensive during transplanting. Wonderful dark red foliage.

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Stone fruits

Last year I have got 7 stone fruit trees:

  • ‘Katy’ apricot [Dave Wilson Nursery] on ‘Citation’ hybrid¬†rootstock
  • peach (multi-graft – 4 in 1)¬†on ‘Nemaguard Peach’ rootstock
  • Spice Zee Nectaplum Interspecific [Dave Wilson Nursery]¬†on ‘Citation’ hybrid¬†rootstock
  • pluot¬†(multi-graft – 4 in 1)¬†on ‘Citation’ hybrid¬†rootstock
  • sugar¬†prune¬†[Dave Wilson Nursery]¬†on ‘Citation’ hybrid¬†rootstock
  • 2 trees of cherries

I have planted them (mid-February 2016) pretty close to each other (4 ft) as I plan to form kind of a hedgerow. However,¬†later I have decided to me the hedgerow bit closer to the house – transplanting (immediately¬†followed by pruning) happened on February 12, 2017. Sugar prune was¬†simple to move – it’s root system didn’t grow very much. But other four trees were really hard and although we tried our best, some major roots had to be significantly cut and got a bit damaged.

Surprisingly, cherries were less complicated (maybe because the soil in the place where they were planted was quite shallow).

Apricot started to flower just a few days later, as well as one of the peach grafts. I have sprayed all trees with copper on February 18th (to prevent leaf curl).